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Restaurant Services- From Your Fryers to Our Fuel Tanks. How Cool is That?

At SeQuential Pacific Biodiesel we are deeply committed to improving the environment and invigorating our local economy by sustainably producing a clean-burning, renewable fuel. We partner with thousands of restaurants and businesses across the region to recycle used cooking oil and grease trap material. Our services are currently available in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Northern California.

Our restaurant partners are a key component of our success. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service and will partner with you to develop a solution that meets the unique needs of your business.

We offer:
  • Cooking oil recycling, grease trap cleaning, jetting and rendering service
  • Customer service hotline
  • Participation in preferred pumper programs
  • Flexible service scheduling, built around your needs
  • Clean, easy to use containers provided at no extra cost
  • Competitive pricing
  • Rebate availability for cooking oil recycling

Contact us today at 800.447.3794 for more information about our restaurant recycling services.

A Trusted Partner

We’re proud to partner with restaurants and businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest to source our fuel. To foster our partnerships, we offer a variety of services that make it easy to choose us for a one-stop-shop partner in sustainability.

Cooking Oil Recycling
We recycle cooking oil for more than 7,000 restaurants and businesses in the region.
  • Regular collection times built around your needs
  • Clean, easy to use containers provided at no extra cost
  • Competitive rebate pricing
Grease Trap Cleaning
Proper grease trap maintenance is critical. Our cleaning services help you keep your business up and running.
  • Flexible service scheduling
  • Interior and exterior service available
  • Experts in municipal regulations and FOG codes
  • Competitive pricing
We partner with delis, grocery stores and other businesses to collect meat scraps for tallow rendering and use in heating oil and other products.
  • Clean, Sanitized containment provided for every pick-up
  • Priced per pick-up
  • FDA certified
Hydro Jetting
We offer jetting services to help clean out drains in certain scenarios.
  • Flexible schduling
  • Experts in municipal regulations and FOG codes
Q: How do I sign up?
A: Please call us at 800.447.3794 to schedule a consultation with our account team, or contact us at restaurantservices@sqpbiodiesel.com.
Q: How does cooking oil recycling work?
A: After an account representative meets with you to assess your needs, we will provide you with  a clean, durable storage container to store your used cooking oil, and arrange a collection schedule for you. After each collection, we will record the amount of useable oil, which is usually about 80% of the total volume collected. Any rebates will be issued based on that amount.
Q: How much does it cost?
A: There is no cost for cooking oil recycling. In fact, you may be eligible to receive regular rebates on the oil we collect from you, depending on its quality, quantity and location. Grease trap cleaning, rendering and jetting services are charged services, and price varies depending on the service. Please contact us directly for pricing information.
Q: What do you do with the oil you collect?
A: Every drop of oil we collect is turned into clean-burning, biodiesel fuel at our plant in Salem, OR. That fuel is then distributed throughout the region in fleets, boilers, or through one of our 30+ retail partners. 
Q: When will I be paid for my oil?
A: Our rebate payment schedule is based on the amount of oil collected. If you recycle enough oil to earn more than $20 each month, you will be paid each month. If not, you will be paid at the end of each quarter (4 times a year).

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