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Many people know that used cooking oil shouldn’t be poured down the drain. What they don’t know is what should be done with it. SeQuential Pacific Biodiesel is here to help. We recycle used cooking oil into clean-burning biodiesel fuel. This benefits the environment by keeping fats, oils and greases out of the sewer system – where they can cause costly clogs and damage – and by providing a cleaner, locally produced alternative to petroleum diesel.

We provide a variety of options for cooking oil recycling. While we primarily partner with restaurants and businesses, we also recycle cooking oil for individual household chefs via convenient drop-off locations throughout the region. Contact us today to find out how we can help!

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Why Should I Care?
  1. Used cooking oil is one of the most sustainable sources for biodiesel available
  2. Biodiesel made from used cooking oil emits up to 78% less carbon dioxide than petroleum diesel
  3. Cooking oil that is not recycled into biodiesel often ends up in landfills or shipped overseas for use in a variety of disposable products
  4. Cooking oil recycled by SeQuential Pacific Biodiesel gets made into fuel that is produced and consumed right here in the Northwest!
Q: Why should I recycle my cooking oil?
A: Recycling cooking oil into biodiesel offers several benefits. First, it keeps fats, oils and greases from being poured down drains and ending up in the sewer system, where they can cause costly and damaging clogs. Second, it creates a renewable fuel that is signficantly better for the environment than petroleum-based products. Finally, it benefits the local economy by contributing to a regional industry that relies on local resources and business partnerships, rather than on imports from other regions or from overseas.
Q: Does it cost anything?
A: There is no cost associated with cooking oil recycling. Individuals can simply bring it to the nearest drop-off location and leave it in the designated receptacle. Corporate recyclers may even be eligible for rebates on their oil. Contact us for more information.
Q: How do I do it?
A: Recycling oil with us is easy. Corporate entities producing more than 20 gallons a month of used cooking oils should contact us at 800.447.3794 to set up recurring oil pick-ups. Individuals wanting to recycle their oil can bring it to one of our convenient drop-off locations. Click here to find a drop off site near you.
Q: What happens to oil that isn't recycled into biodiesel?
A: Used cooking oil that isn't recycled into biodiesel often ends up in landfills, or shipped overseas where it is used to make a variety of disposable products.

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