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A joint venture between, SeQuential Biofuels  of Oregon and Hawaii-based Pacific Biodiesel,  SeQuential Pacific Biodiesel was launched in 2005 as Oregon’s first commercial biodiesel production facility.

The company has attracted prominent investors such as musicians Willie and Annie Nelson and Jack and Kimberly Johnson, Kettle Foods founder Cameron Healy, sustainable planner/developer John Miller of Wildwood Mahonia, and Ron Tyree of Tyree Oil. Since then, SeQuential Pacific has grown to include a state of the art production facility, cooking oil collection depots in Portland, Seattle and Spokane, and a large distribution network.

What’s the Impact?

In 2012 SeQuential Pacific Biodiesels produced just over 5 million gallons of biodiesel. With up to 78% fewer emissions of carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses than petroleum diesel, biodiesel yields significant environmental benefits. The 5 million gallons SeQuential Pacific produced is enough to offset nearly 10 million pounds of carbon. That’s the same as:

  • Replacing 98 thousand incandescent light bulbs with CFLs
  • Not driving for 86 million miles, or nearly 28 thousand coast to coast trips across the US.
  • Planting 27 thousand trees.

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